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The Americas

Black Genocides World Wide   Albinos and Mongols Killing Blacks around the World
Genocide of the California Indians   Actual cases of the murdering and Genocide of the Black California Indian tribes.
Murder of the Osage Indians   Or why formerly Black and Mongol American Indians are now White (Albino) or Mulatto
Story of the Americas   A brief history of what actually happened in the Americas
Conquest of the Americas (by Race)   Investigating whether Mongol American Indians helped Europeans defeat Black Paleoamerican (Indian) civilizations.
The Inca   Tracing Black Peruvians and Mongol Peruvians through time.
Inca's and Miskito   Black Mosquito Indian History and relationships with others.
Aztec history   Black Aztec history and culture.

Verrazano - Black Carolina Indians

  The Black Carolina Indians: The written Record of the Voyage in 1524 of Giovanni da Verrazano, as recorded in a letter to Francis I, King of France, July 8th, 1524.
White Cherokee   How the Cherokee Indians became White and mulatto: And then cheated Black Indians out of their Birthrights
American Indians   Using scientific studies and First Explorer Drawings to prove that "Real" American Indians are Blacks and Mongols
Black Memorial Day   History of the founding of Memorial Day
Indian Slavery in the Americas   Exportation of enslaved Indians to the Caribbean
Belize   The Black Maya of Belize
Jamaica   Partial history of Jamaica
Barbados   History of Barbados
Black Indians in Barbados   U. C. Berkeley professor: hunting down Black North American Indians in Barbados.
St. Thomas Hull Bay Skeletons   Smithsonian analysis of the St. Thomas, Virgin Islands: BLACK Skeletons
Black U.S. Indians   Black Paleoamericans (Indians) and Mongol Indian Tribes of the United States
Who are the Blacks of the U.S.   Documenting the small percentage of Africans present in the Black U.S. and Canadian population
Black New York Troops 1761   The 1761 muster roll of Capt. Barnaby Byrn's company of New York provincial troops: (who were mostly born in Europe), and many of whom were Black and Brown.
Buffalo Soldiers   Buffalo Soldiers - Hero's or Self Hating Race Traitors? (Plus - Video with soundtrack below).
Black Cowboys   Black Cowboys
Black Americans & 0thers - 1800s   Pictures of Post civil war Black Americans
The Dark Mexicans   Potpourri of Black Mexicans
Casta Paintings   Paintings of mixed-race latin American families of the 1700-1800s
Casta Paintings 2   Paintings of All types of Native Americans (Blacks and Mongols).
Moche Erotic Art   Moche (Black Peruvians before the Inca): pottery depicting sexual acts.
Kennewick Man   Albino Lies associated with the ancient Kennewick man
The Negro Problem   A collection of essays by the Important Blacks of the time, published in 1903
Jefferson Davis   Like Queen Charlotte - How Confederate president Jefferson Davis's Mulatto wife was made White
Roosevelt   THE EXPANSION OF THE WHITE RACES. Two Essays by Theodore Roosevelt
Black Inventors   Black inventors that you probably never heard of.
The War on Drugs in Black and White   Anatomy of the War on Drugs in Black and White: or Another of Americas Wars against Blacks.
Dr. Clarke   His thoughts on Jews and other Whites. So-called "conservative Blacks": and the rest of the Worlds people.
The 2016 Election   Hillary lost, but what really Happened? An in-depth analysis of the numbers and related things.
History of Rock-n-Roll   History of Rock-n-Roll, the Rock-n-Roll hall of fame, Elvis and others.
Bits-n-Pieces   Headlines of our times: An ongoing addition and commentary on important current events in the News.
The Creators of Trump   Investigating the Albino Racists who created Donald Trump
Black Pundits and El Paso   The dumbing-down of American Blacks by indoctrinated academics and media Pundits, means more El Paso's.
The need to Kill   Examples of Albinos need to kill others and even themselves.
Civics for Trump's People   Civics and some history too
Americas Second Nightmare   The disaster of the Trump Presidency
Confederate states reasons   Confederate States reasons for War (Why Blacks were enslaved).
Columbus   Was Columbus Black? Judge the evidence yourself
Colorism   Racism and Colorism
Latino   Race in Colombia, Cuba, and Brazil
Black Rome   Analysis and explanation of the study "Ancient Rome: A genetic crossroads of Europe and the Mediterranean"
History of the Catholic Church   Self explanatory
World DNA   Tracking the dispersal of humans around the world by DNA
Black wealth in America   NOT! Rather lack of wealth
Slave trade map   Tables - Emory University - Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade - Estimates (July 2021).
Insurrection   The jan.6 2021 attack on the U.S. capitol in Washington D.C.
Texas   Americas bogus foundation Myth, The Blowhard Texan Albino, and Covid-19





Black Europe

British Education   The British will start to teach that Blacks were the original settlers of Europe. Undoubtedly due to pressures from recent studies which no longer lie about this obvious fact.
Ignatius Sancho   Searching for the truth about Ignatius Sancho
Black history in Europe   A Synopsis
The Black Peter the Great   The visit of Tsar Peter the Great in 1717: according to new documents by the Count of Haussonville. In these documents Peter is described as having "Black Skin".
Black Russia history   The Black people, ancient and modern, who created what is now "The Russia of the Slavic people from Central Asia."
Ancient Hungary   The time when Blacks ruled Hungary
Biographies of Blacks of note   THE BLACK AND BROWN ROYALTY AND NOBILITY OF GREAT BRITAIN, plus Biographies of other important Blacks in late medieval Britain.
Jacobites (Supporters of Black British Kings)   Excerpts from: JACOBITE GLEANINGS FROM STATE MANUSCRIPTS - Short Sketches of Jacobites
Black Knights   Blacks on currency
Princess Pauline von Metternich   Biography of the Black Princess Pauline von Metternich
The Sabac el Cher family   A look at how relatives to the German Mecklenburg-Strelitz family of Black Queen Charlotte of Britain are depicted.
Red and Yellow   Medieval Europe ruled by Royal Mulattoes.
Eastern Christianity   Portraits of Black Russians, and Black religious figures from early times in Eastern Europe
Life of Christ Manuscripts   Pictures of Blacks in Medieval Secular and "Life of Christ" Manuscripts
Tracing Jesus's People   History of the Hebrews for Christians
Order of the Garter   Pictures of the original members of the ancient order founded in 1348 by King Edward III
The Alexander Mosaic   Follow the investigation which revealed that the mosaic is NOT Greek, and NOT Alexander. But a ROMAN mosaic of Romans fighting a Parthian commander instead. Thus destroying the attempted Racial lie of Alexander's Race.
Ostia   Artifacts and the history of this archeological site, which was the location of a harbor city of ancient Rome.
The oldest coin in the world   Ancient coins depicting Black Nobles and Rulers.
Pompeii   The mostly Black Paintings, and the Ash-mummified remains, of the Black people of Pompeii as they were buried by 13 to 20 ft. of volcanic ash and pumice in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D.
Poseidonia/Paestum   Paintings showing the ancient Black and Albino inhabitants of this ancient city in southern Italy.
Etruscan Tomb Paintings   Tomb Paintings and Sarcophagi of ancient Black people from the Necropolises of Cerveteri and Tarquinia in Italy.
Etruscan Language   What we know of the written language
European languages   European languages and their genesis
Bog Mummies   Pictures of mostly Black Europeans killed and thrown into Peat Bogs/Mires
Black History by The Bones   The most ancient Skulls and Skeletons of Humans (Black people) in Greece, Africa, and various locations in the world.
None in Europe   Using scientific studies to prove that White/Albino Europeans are a recent (Modern Era) addition to the continent. And the first Scandinavians/Vikings were Black people.



Black Europe related

Hannibal   Late history of the Phoenician/Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca.
Fake Albino Artwork   Examples and explanations of Fake Artwork created by Albinos to support their Fake Albino History.
Additional Art of Medieval and Renaissance era Blacks in Europe   Supplement to the images in Black Britain and Black Holy Roman Empire sections.
The Black Page as Status Symbol   The meaning conferred by Black boys in medieval portraits
Colchis and Eastern Iberia   The Black lands of the Jason and the Argonauts, Golden Fleece, and Amazon myths. Other main mythical characters from Colchis are Medea, Aeëtes, Absyrtus, Chalciope, Circe, Eidyia, Pasiphaë.
Saint Maurice   The lie of the made-up story of St. Maurice
Lineage of the Ancient Greeks   Herodotus Quotes detailing the obvious Black Lineage of the Ancient Greeks.
Black Nazi and Others   Pictures of Black Nazi soldiers
Kongo Ambassador   The lie of the made-up story of the Kongo Ambassador




Ancient Egypt and the Middle-East



As you read material about North Africa (including Egypt), the Middle-East, and Arabia:

please remember that the current rulers in these places have nothing to do with the original Black people.

They are the conquerors (mainly Turks) of the original Black people.



Bridges to Afrocentrism   Building Bridges to Afrocentrism - An Albino professors explanation of why ancient Egyptians weren't Black.
Mummy Portraits (MENU)   Portraits of Black, Albino, and Mulatto Greeks/Romans from the period when Greeks and Romans ruled Egypt. (Five sets).
Truth about Egyptian Mummies 1   Analysis of Egyptian Mummies, and comparison to Asian Albino Mummies.
Truth about Egyptian Mummies 2   Analytic data refuting the latest Albino study and claim that Ancient Egyptians were Albinos.
Kom Abou Billou   Grave stele with inscriptions and pictures of the dead from this ancient Egyptian necropolis
Medinet Habu Temple   A look at the pictures and inscriptions inside the Mortuary Temple of Rameses III.
Hyksos   The Hyksos - Text and pictures which explain who the Hyksos were: from dynasties - 13th thru 17th.
Egypt - The Greek Occupation   History of Cleopatra and the Ptolemy's
Inscriptions of Kamose   King Kamose's account of his struggle to reunify Egypt at the end of the Second Intermediate Period
Egyptians in Australia   Egyptian hieroglyphs found in New South Wales Australia
Merneptah Stele   Translation of the text on the Merneptah Stele
Victory Stele of Piye   Translation of the text on the Victory Stele of Piye
The Book of Gates   Analysis of the Book of Gates - Book of the Dead.
Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser   Picture and translation of text on the Black Obelisk of Assyrian king Shalmaneser II, which shows Hebrews bringing him tribute.
The Ziggurat (Sumerian Pyramid)   All things about the Ziggurat.
Persepolis (Apadana)   Pictures and text revealing the Black, Albino, and Mulatto people of the Persian Empire.
Black Persians/Iranians   Modern Descendants of the Elamites, Gutians, and Persians still survive in Iran
Black Persians of the 19th. Cent.   Photos of Black and Mulatto Persians of the 19th. century Qajar dynasty
Keita   Comments on the National Geographic Televised Program: “Black Pharaohs” (Feb. 2008), by Dr Shomarka Keita
Exodus: Gods and Kings   Deconstructing the Lie and Albino Fantasy featured in the Movie.
Archaeological Institute   Archaeological Institute on the race of ancient Egyptians
Black Turks   A look at the lives of Blacks in modern Turkey; and the lies they are told.





The Arab Slave Trade   History of the Oman and Zanzibar Sultanate - History of the Black Slave Trading Family

Brazil Not Matching


Deconstructing Racial falsehoods created by the Albino people relating to the Americas

History of Slavery (1)   The History of Slavery World Wide, from ancient times to modern times
History of Slavery (2)   The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and related subjects From a U.S. and European Prospective
The first Slave in the U.S.   Deconstructing the many lies associated with the first Foreign born Blacks in North America
The reason for Black slavery   The reasons for Black Slavery and Albino Domination of the world




Whiteness and Albinism

Scientific Data Relating to Albinism

The Nonsense of White People Genes   Presentation of data which shows that Europeans/Whites do not have unique genes. Pictures/lists of Blacks and Whites (Albinos) who share the same haplogroups. Debunking claims of genetic testing companies.
Running from Albinism   A presentation of scientific data proving that Europeans are merely the Albinos of Blacks. Debunking the Nonsense of Black Europeans turning White for Vitamin "D" absorption. Examples of Delusional Racism.
Albinism Data   A comprehensive compilation of even more data associated with Albinism and proof that Europeans are merely the Albinos of Blacks.
Ancestry DNA Tests   We calculate the "Real" White and Black population of the United States. Then deal with the genetic lies used to define us as Black Americans. Also an augmented compilation that was in the "Nonsense of White genes" page.
Children of Grimaldi   Scientific proof that the first Humans in Europe and around the World were Blacks. Examples of their artifacts.
Admixture   The Nonsense of Admixture Studies: (like the average Black American is 17-18% white).
One Albino Parent   Using science and pictures to predict the skin color of children with one Black parent and one Albino parent.
U_Pennsylvania   New Nonsense from the frauds at the University of Pennsylvania concerning Skin color and Race. Just new Racist Bullshit from that bastion of Racist B.S. The University of Pennsylvania: home of the people who brought us the Nonsense “Albinos turned White for vitamin “D”. And Oh Yes, Donald Trump of The Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania. As an indication of the “True” quality of the University, and Donald Trump’s acumen, Donald Trump has declared Bankruptcy “SIX” times!
Eye Color   Debunking of the paper: How Blue Eyed Parents Can Have Brown Eyed Children - Stanford University.
The Black human Race   Pictorial examples of how Black Humans and their Albinos and Mulattoes make up the Human Race.
Tarim Mummies   The history of the Central Asian Dravidian Albinos before they invaded Europe.
National Geographic Admits   National Geographic and other studies, admitting that White people are from Central Asia
Albinism for Dummies   Everything about Albinism in simplified form, with many graphics.
Population Bottlenecks?   Nah, just our Albinos trying to explain their homogeneity without acknowledging their Albinism.


House Niggers   Are Albinos House Niggers - Yes they have to be! Why Albinos need pigmented people.
Why   Answers the question: "Why was slavery necessary in the Southern U.S. but not in the Northern U.S. A follow-up to "House Niggers".

What is Racism


An analysis of the feelings of inferiority which spur racism as a defensive reaction.

Albino Racism   How Albino Racism began, and some reasons for its creation.
How Race is Made   Case studies of how European Albinos assign race: Proof that Humans only come as Blacks, their Albinos, and their admixed Mulattoes.
Sexual Selection   What Role did Sexual Selection Play in the Evolution of Race?
The term Albino   How European Albinos evolved. How European Albinos became the dominant Race.
Chameleon People   How Europeans (Central Asian Albinos) delusionally wrote history to make themselves everyman, and everyone, from everywhere.
The Races of Man   Examples of Pigmented and Unpigmented Humans
Extreme Racism   Proof that Extreme Racism is a Mental Disease
Britannica   History of White people/Albinos by Encyclopedia Britannica
Blacks and Jews   The relationships, past and present, between Blacks and Khazar Jews
NG-Still lying   Even after promises to stop being Racist, National Geographic just can't stop lying.
Cold Adapted   Are White People (Albinos) "Cold Adapted" Humans?
After Out of Africa   Analysis of the study "Ancient Human Migration after Out-of-Africa"




People with Falsified or Unclear Identity


  Black Vikings, Sami, Scandinavians, etc.

Tracing Jesus's People

  History of the "Real" (Black) Hebrews for Christians


  Libyan and Arab Hebrews and their Mulattoes


  Are the White people who call themselves Jews, really of the Turkic tribe called Khazars? Genetic analysis says - YES!


  Photos of real Arabs (Blacks) and Turk Mulattoes



The Arabs - Who or What is an Arab?



Defining the Arabs - Genetically with DNA, and Phenotypically



History of the Turks


  Are the White people who call themselves Basque really different from other Whites? No, just more inbred due to incest


  Who they really are - where they came from - and when!



An accidental expose of the Albinos malicious attempts to write Blacks out of History



Human types and Attributes

African Skin Color Range   Various studies on African Skin color Range, and debunking associated Albino lies
Nonexistent Hittite   Proof that there was never a real people called Hittites.
Black Human Types   Various unusual Black Phenotypes - Blonde hair , Blues eyes, etc.
Black Potpourri   Various Black Phenotypes
Debunking the Bogus Cranial and Limb   Debunking the Bogus Cranial and Limb studies of Whites
Black health   Debunking myths about Black lifespan
Melanin and the Brain   Melanin, Race, and the Brain
The I.Q. Test   The Albinos convoluted effort to seem superior
The Mind   Lies, Stupidity, Hypocrisy, and delusion: The mind can be a terrible thing
Curly hair   Answers the question of why Black people have: Curly, Kinky, and Straight Hair: while all others have only one type. {It's all really Black people (Human) hair}.
Black hair   Tracking the War on Drugs, and possibility, related Black hairstyles and culture since the Vietnam War.
Black population of the World   Calculation of the worlds Black population
White Population   White population of the World



Asia - Mongols, Dravidians, Hindu's, Muslims etc.

The Negroid Jomon   History and beautiful incised pottery and other artifacts of Japans original settlers: the Black Jomon.
Chinese Racial Confusion   Chinese resistance to Mulattohood
Chinese Terracotta Soldiers   Pictures of Qin Dynasty Terracotta Soldiers of China; circa 200 B.C.
Mongolians   More pictures of Black Mongolians.
Mongol attributes   Musings on the only true non-African examples of Human evolution.
Korea   Modern history of Korea: addendum to the Headlines of our times page.
Indian Cave Architecture   Indian caves with paintings and sculptures of Buddhist religious art
Jain religion of India   History of the Religion
Dravidian language   The African origin of Dravidian language and culture
Biography of Prophet Muhammad   Biography of the Prophet Muhammad
Arab Texts (start)   Medieval Muslim Authors mention of the Zanj: (purportedly Africans from the area of Southern East Africa).



Pacifica and other Blacks

South Africa   A history of South Africa
The Solomon Islands   History and people of the Solomon Islands
Easter Island   People and history of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
Moroccan Mulatto   Why a Moroccan Mulatto Looks the same as a Mulatto in the Americas
Adams Calendar   The oldest man made structure on earth - South Africa
Mota Man   Ancient genome from skeleton found in Ethiopia, and the Albinos "Back Migration" nonsense.






Historical Video List

Our homemade History videos on Youtube - Some with great Musical Background!


Black Vikings




for believing the White Man



What is wrong with Africans?



Whites are Beautiful

Blacks are Ugly




Black Persians Still Live



History of Rock-n-Roll


The theft of Black American Music



Tracing Jesus's People,

the Black Hebrews



Black Mesopotamian history:

in pictures and song



Celebrating the Mulatto: Channeling The Yellow Rose of Texas

This Video originally had a soundtrack of "Black Pearl", "Reverend Lee", "Brown Sugar", "Say it Loud - I'm Black and I'm Proud" and Yellow Rose of Texas. It was stripped off on youtube for copyright reasons. A copy is on-site (below) for demonstration purposes.

<<Mongols, who are fundamentally a Mulatto people, seem to have developed a delusional reality concerning their complexion. Perhaps one day they will understand (as the Europeans had to) that having a low tolerance for the Sun (Albinism) is a "BAD" thing, not a good thing.

Naomi Osaka is the latest athlete to take a stand against police violence in America.

The fourth-ranked tennis superstar has dropped out of the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati, Ohio, in protest of police shootings of Jacob Blake and countless others. She posted a note announcing her decision to not play on Twitter late Wednesday night. Quote: "Before I am an athlete, I am a Black woman," Osaka wrote. "And as a Black woman I feel as though there are much more important matters at hand that need immediate attention, rather than watching me play tennis." "I don't expect anything drastic to happen with me not playing, but if I can get a conversation started in a majority white sport I consider that a step in the right direction," she added. Her decision comes after protests erupted around the country in light of Sunday's police shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man whom Kenosha, Wisconsin, officers shot in front of his three children. Blake survived and is in stable condition despite taking seven bullets to the back, but the 29-year-old is now paralyzed from the waist down. "Watching the continued genocide of Black people at the hand of the police is honestly making me sick to my stomach," Osaka wrote. "I'm exhausted of having a new hashtag pop up every few days and I'm extremely tired of having this same conversation over and over again."

Osaka follows the lead of players in the NBA, WNBA, and MLS who chose to step away from competition Wednesday in response to continued police violence against Black Americans. The Milwaukee Bucks kicked off the players' strike by refusing to play their playoff game against the Orlando Magic Wednesday afternoon, becoming the first team to take such measures. Later, players for the Houston Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Lakers, and Portland Trail Blazers all forced the postponement of their games, and then WNBA and MLS players followed suit.




On-site copy of "Celebrating the Mulatto: Channeling The Yellow Rose of Texas" with the original soundtrack <Click HERE >




Buffalo Soldiers



True America

The true racial history of the Americas

- in Brief



The Lie and Albino Fantasy of the Movie Exodus: Gods and Kings


Dissecting the appropriateness of using White Actors to play Black ancient Egyptians in the Movie "Exodus: Gods and Kings".




Using Dna testing to prove the lie of Albino History.

Excerpt from a 60 minutes Exposé on Dna testing, showing that as the original humans, Blacks were Europeans, and share dna with all people, including European Albinos.




Racial descriptions of Royal Blacks and Noble Blacks of Britain: taken from late medieval Books.



The Truth about Egyptian Mummies v.2


An analysis of how Egyptian Mummies of foreign ethnicity are used, and manipulated, to make it appear that the ancient Egyptians were White people. Plus a condensed history of "Post" dynastic periods of foreign rule.








The Minoan's were not White people! V.2


This video is in answer to a totally bogus study done by U.S. and Cretan "So-called" researchers; Jeffery R. Hughey, Peristera Paschou, Petros Drineas, Donald Mastropaolo, Dimitra M. Lotakis, Patrick A. Navas, Manolis Michalodimitrakis, John A. Stamatoyannopoulos & George Stamatoyannopoulos: which claims that the ancient Minoan's were White people. It was published in Nature Communications, 14 May 2013.



How Race is Made


The genesis of races, and how human diversity is achieved.



Barbados - History of

Self explanatory



The Nonsense of White genes


Debunking the myth that White people have separate genes from Blacks: specifically Haplogroup "R". The Kuwait girls on the left are of haplogroup "R".



Black History in Europe - A Synopsis

Self explanatory



Silly Things White People Say

False things White people say to make themselves feel unique: i.e. Only White people have straight hair, Blonde hair, Blue eyes, etc.

(This video was vindictively portrayed as racist by a viewer, and youtube gladly deleted it as such, luckily it had been copied and uploaded by others).



Evidence for Black Genocide in Europe and the Americas

Medieval evidence indicates that there is millions of Black people missing from the current populations of Europe and the Americas. This video first proves their original existence: by scientific studies, historical documents, and artifacts. And then examines evidences of what may have happened to them.
Thus this video seeks to answer the question:
Is there evidence of Black genocide?



Evidence for Black Genocide in Europe and the Americas - Europe


This video will address questions and issues raised in the original video relating to Europe, and Black European Genocide specifically. It examines evidences of a large Black majority pre-medieval population in Europe, and reasons for their subsequent demise.



Naive - Thinking that Whites would tell you the truth

A demonstration of how whites, and White institutions, use their control over artifacts and media, to promote a false (fantasy) White history.



Origin and History of the White Race - Part 1


History of Modern Mans migrations out of Africa. The founding of Modern mans first civilizations. Who are White people, where did the White race originate. The early history of the White race.



Origin and History of the White Race - Part 2


History of Modern Mans migrations out of Africa. The founding of Modern mans first civilizations. Who are White people, where did the White race originate. The early history of the White race. Part 2




Links to related Videos not our own.



Rebuilding the Family Tree: A CBS News expose of the "Wildly" false claims of Genetic Testers.



MSNBC anchor Joy Reid interviews Nigeria journalist about the corruption and sectarian murders ignored by the Nigerian government.



The Dominican Republic: The People of Color That Say They Are Not Black






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