Ancient Man and His First Civilizations


The True Negro


Reason and history for the term "True Negro" and pictures of modern Egyptians

Debunking the White Mans ethnic Science. Pictures of modern Ethiopians and Nigeriens
History of North Africa: Berbers, Tuareg, and Moors: with pictures
ARABS - who is an Arab? Plus Ancient Statues, 19th century Paintings, and pictures of modern Arabs
ARABS - Arabs identified by genetics
YEMEN - the Houthi War
Pictures of Modern Nigerians and Somali
Pictures of modern Burkina Fasoians, Ghanians, and Madagascarians
Pictures of modern Mali and Sierra Leonians
Pictures of modern Senegalise and Cape Verdians
Pictures of modern Kenyans and Sudanese

19th Century Paintings of Arabs and Moors

Guards & Street Scenes
   Horse Charge (Military)
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