The Indian Girl's Home. A group of Indian girls and Indian police at Big Foot's village on reservation.

Photo shows nineteen Miniconjou men, women and children, posed between two tipis.

The Miniconjou (Plants by the Water) are a Native American people constituting a subdivision of the Lakota people, who formerly inhabited an area in western present-day South Dakota from the Black Hills in to the Platte River. The contemporary population lives mostly in west-central South Dakota.

Spotted Elk (1826-1890), also known as 'Big Foot, was the name of a chief of the Miniconjou, Lakota Sioux. He was a son of Miniconjou chief Lone Horn and became a chief upon his father's death. He was a highly renowned chief with skills in war and negotiations. A United States Army soldier, at Fort Bennett, coined the derogatory nickname Big Foot – not to be confused with Oglala Big Foot. In 1890, he was killed by the US Army at Wounded Knee Creek, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (Chankwe Opi Wakpala, Wazí Aháŋhaŋ Oyáŋke), South Dakota, USA with at least 150 members of his tribe, in what became known as the Wounded Knee Massacre.