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Sky UK:

Sky UK Limited (formerly British Sky Broadcasting or BSkyB) is a British telecommunications company which serves the United Kingdom. Sky provides television and broadband internet services and fixed line telephone services to consumers and businesses in the United Kingdom. It is the UK's largest pay-TV broadcaster with 11 million customers as of 2015. It was the UK's most popular digital TV service until it was overtaken by Freeview in April 2007. Its corporate headquarters are based in Isleworth.

Formed in November 1990 by the equal merger of Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting, BSkyB became the UK's largest digital subscription television company. Following BSkyB's 2014 acquisition of Sky Italia and a majority 90.04% interest in Sky Deutschland in November 2014, its holding company British Sky Broadcasting Group plc changed its name to Sky plc. The United Kingdom operations also changed the company name from British Sky Broadcasting Limited to Sky UK Limited, still trading as Sky. Sky UK Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sky plc.

Note that the reasons given for Blocking Realhistoryww are: WEAPONS, VIOLENCE, GORE, AND HATE!!!!

In none but the most foul and lying racist mind, can truthful history and the

results of scientific studies be considered "WEAPONS, VIOLENCE, GORE, AND HATE".



Surely it comes as no surprise to anyone that the White Supremacists sites:





Please report all efforts to silence this site.

(With a screen shot if possible).






We have been made aware that the Iranian Government is blocking just a few of our pages. Though we cannot understand the text, we have been told that it is because those pages: like "Moche Erotic Art" are of a sexual nature. We understand that these pages may be antithetical to the religious and social mores of some countries, and therefore, as long as blocking is limited to just those pages only, we accept it, and make no complaint.